Login and Register for a Program

We are happy to announce our new membership system is up and running!

Take 2 or 3 minutes to enable your online account or setup a new one. Your online account allows you access to your membership information and program registration—all from your home or your wireless device.


If you are a current member and we have an e-mail address on file:

1) Click ”Register for Programs” and then “Login”.

2) You will use the middle option (I want to set up online access for my account), as your previous password will not work with the new system.  Click “Find Account”.

3) Fill out the requested information.

4) Select your account and follow the instructions for setting up your password.

5) If the system doesn’t find you, it could be that we don’t have a matching e-mail on file or there may have been an error in the conversion.  For security reasons, you will be required to call your YMCA location for assistance.  We will be happy to get you setup with an e-mail and password.




If you have registered online before, you no longer have an account and must setup a new one:

1) Click “Register for Programs” and then “Login”.

2) Choose the 3rd login option, “I don’t have an account, but I want to create one”.  Click “sign-up” and follow the instructions.

3) Fill in your information and hit “Next”. When you add your birthdate, please type it in this format (example): 03/07/1984.  You must fill in your e-mail and password to setup an account.

4) Choose your YMCA branch and the membership types will show up.  Choose “Non-member” at the bottom of the list and click the arrow.  Please follow the rest of the steps for your account.

5) If you have any issues setting up your new account, please call your YMCA location.



If you have any issues, please contact your Y location.  Thank you for taking the time to enable or setup your account!

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