Become a Coach


Interested in becoming a Coach?

As a YMCA coach, you help build a stronger community by bringing children together and helping them develop the drive to win as well as the compassion needed to play on a team. For that, you’re an invaluable asset to us, and a key member of the community. If you’re interested in applying, please download the Coach volunteer application to sign up.

 Coaches Training

Coaches can help foster strong communities and teach children valuable lessons, but only if they have the proper tools at their disposal. We offer all of our coaches manuals with practice plans for drills, scheduling, and more. We also recommend you take a look at our training website, where you’ll training programs for every sport we offer. You can find the website at

Youth Sports Pledge

This is the Youth Sports Pledge, and it helps guide our commitment to team building and personal responsibility here at the YMCA of Greater Omaha. Sports are a valuable and vital part in building up a child’s ability to discipline themselves and learn to play with a team. But without coaches to guide them along, lead teams and manage a season of team sports, they won’t get as much more out of the experience than exercise.

Youth Sports Pledge
Win or lose, I pledge before God
to accept and demonstrate the
following positive values:
I will do the best I can
to be a team player, to respect my:
teammates, opponents, coaches and officials,
and to improve myself in
Spirit, Mind and Body.