YMCA Youth Sports


There’s no better way to get you and your children active than engaging in the fun and thrill of YMCA youth sports. And they’re about more than just getting active: both team and individual sports foster a sense of community and discipline in children. When playing on a team, children learn to share the joy of playing together to score a win and become a part of something greater. Individual sports help children learn the discipline it takes to learn a sport and become more adept.

Our YMCA youth sports will help your children develop traits that will help them succeed later in life and help them build a stronger connection to their community. By letting them play with others, you’re helping them get a sense of what it’s like to interact with someone. And when you help them develop their skills at an individual sport, they attain a stronger sense of self-confidence.

We’re proud to offer our variety of YMCA youth sports in Omaha, including baseball, basketball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and swimming. We also offer youth sports clinics for children. Take a look at any of the pages below and start getting your child involved in sports!

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