YMCA of Greater Omaha Flag Football


Flag football offers an energetic, fun way to get exercise and make friends. With the rules of the game designed to minimize risk while still offering a way for kids to embody their favorite players and play against each other, flag football is a great way for kids of all ages to get into sports, unleash their energy in a positive way, and learn basic teamwork skills.

The YMCA of Greater Omaha flag football programs and leagues will help your child learn and participate in this adrenaline pumping sport in a fun, safe environment!

Jr. Huskers Fundamental Flag Football

Kindergarten-6th Grade

For parents looking to introduce their children to the fun of flag football without the stress of a competitive environment, we offer a fundamental flag football division. This program will teach your kids the fundamentals of flag football in a controlled game simulation, letting them learn the game at their own pace. This program takes place on Saturday mornings and has no scheduled games.

Jr. Huskers Recreational Flag Football

Kindergarten-8th Grade

Once your child has learned the basics of the sport, this fun recreational league will give them the chance to put those skills into practice. Our Volunteer coaches will help develop their fundamentals and teach them new skills in the sport, while letting them play with other kids. Your child is guaranteed to play in at least 50% of the time. Teams are organized by the YMCA.

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